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Title: A Special Birthday
Rating: K/G
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters: Shidou Hikaru, Lantis, Eagle Vision
Summary: Hikaru receives a set of unique gifts for her birthday.
Notes: Written for MKR Shipping Weeks 2014 on Tumblr: Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle Week - Gift/Present

“Hikaru,” Lantis and Eagle said.

“Yes?” Hikaru replied, opening her eyes and looking up at them from her position sprawled across their laps. Today had been her twenty-fifth birthday. The three of them had celebrated with their friends earlier and were now relaxing on Lantis’ bed after a private dinner in his rooms. To her surprise, both of her boyfriends were fiddling with something in their pockets. Then they exchanged a look and Lantis inclined his head towards Eagle.

“We…” Eagle said, “…uh…well…we’ve known you for…for more than ten years now and…well…” He paused and both his cheeks and Lantis’ flushed.

“And…?” Hikaru prompted.

“W-we…ah…” Eagle stammered.

“We want to form a union with you,” Lantis blurted out, his entire face going bright red as he finished.

“Really?” Hikaru asked, feeling her own cheeks grow hot.

“Really,” Eagle said. “Only if you’re willing, of course.”

“Of course I am!” Hikaru cried, sitting up and drawing her boyfriends—her fiancées, now—into a tight hug.

“Then we have some gifts for you,” Lantis said.

Hikaru released them and sat back in time to see both of them pull out the things they had been fiddling with earlier. Eagle’s was a silver colored ring with a red jewel and Lantis’ was a gold pendant with a mirror in the center, hung on a gold chain.

“This ring is from both of us,” Eagle said, holding it out. “I convinced Zazu to let me take a small piece of the FTO’s hull for the band and Lantis provided the jewel.”

“It’s beautiful,” Hikaru said, taking it and placing it on her left ring finger.

“This pendant belonged to my mother,” Lantis said as he offered it to her. “I think she’d have wanted you to have it.”

“Then I will wear it gladly,” Hikaru said as she took it and put the chain around her neck.


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