somariel: Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth (Hikaru)
Title: Progression
Rating: K+/PG
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters: Shidou Hikaru, Lantis, Eagle Vision
Summary: A series of moments from Hikaru’s first pregnancy.
Notes: Written for MKR Shipping Weeks 2014 on Tumblr: Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle Week - First. Actually a few days late, but I was having trouble with it.

Zero weeks
Hikaru snuggled down between Lantis and Eagle. Today had been the first anniversary of their union and it had been wonderful. They had spent the morning lazing around together, Lantis having been given the day off by Lafarga, then their friends had thrown a small party for them in the afternoon. They’d had a private dinner in their rooms, just the three of them, then had spent the evening engaging in bedsport. Now, just after midnight, all three of them were exhausted and they were settling down for the night.

Six weeks
Hikaru woke up feeling queasy, just like she’d been doing for the last two weeks. This time, however, she suspected she knew what was going on. Her period was four days overdue and she’d missed the one before this as well. After breakfast, she went to see the castle physician and had her suspicions confirmed. At lunch, she told Lantis and Eagle.

“I’m pregnant.”

Nine and a half weeks
“Being pregnant doesn’t make me incapable of holding my own in a fight!” Hikaru shouted. Lantis was leaving in a few days to lead a week-long monster hunt and he was being extremely resistant to the idea of her joining the expedition.

Ten weeks
Hikaru was fuming. After arguing for several days over her joining the monster hunting expedition, Lantis had gone and arranged for it to leave before dawn just to make sure she was left behind. Honestly, what had gotten into him? She was pregnant, not an invalid.

Eleven weeks
Lantis was back from the monster hunting expedition and she had proved her point about still being capable of holding her own in a fight. He had explained his actual fears and promised not to do something like that again and all was forgiven between them.

Four months
“Here,” Hikaru said, placing Eagle’s hand on her rounded belly. “Just be patient. She’s being pretty active right now. It should happen again soon.”

A few seconds later, the baby kicked and Eagle jerked his hand back. “I felt that!” he cried. “How long has she been doing that?”

“Less than a week,” Lantis said, placing his hand next to Eagle’s. “It started happening a day or two after you left for Autozam.”

Nine months
Hikaru was more than ready to give birth. She had heard that sex could help things along, so she started initiating things in bed every night.

Three days later, she felt a pain in her gut during breakfast. It was soon followed by something wet trickling down her leg. Looking directly at Lantis and Eagle, she said, “My water just broke.”

Fourteen hours later:
“One more push,” the midwife said.

Hikaru concentrated and pushed as hard as she could, squeezing Lantis’ and Eagle’s hands.

The midwife gave an exclamation of joy and a loud wail cut through the room. “It’s a girl!” the midwife cried.

“Previa,” Lantis said.

“Previa,” Hikaru and Eagle repeated.

Soon, everything had been cleaned up and Previa was happily suckling from Hikaru’s breast. “She’s beautiful,” Hikaru said.

“She is,” Eagle agreed. Lantis nodded his agreement, looking at them with a soppy smile on his face.
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